Roots (Raízes)

The Raizes Eco Hostel is a project that aims to rescue the value of life essentials, inviting people to look attentively at simple things and marvel at them.


The name Raízes defines a little of what the Hostel has as an ideology. The ideology of reconnecting to what is really essential and fundamental in life, rescuing our origins and strengthening bonds.

It was looking for this reconnection and change of life, that Raízes Eco Hostel was born, as a collaborative environment, built by the collective, where cooperation and exchange is visibly evident on its walls, history and every detail of the Hostel.

With an organic and unique Architecture, following the concepts of BioConstruction and Permaculture, we provide guests with an experience that goes beyond hosting!

Come experience this concept with us.

We want to offer something more than pleasant moments at a beach village, we want our guests to have genuine experiences that time and life will never erase. Of course, all along with having a fun and relaxing time. Because if it’s not fun, it’s not sustainable!